Detailed Analysis

We care for and respect the directions of our esteemed Importers as these form the basis of mutual trust and confidence. Compliance verbatim earns for us, the right mix of respect for each other, reliability and inter-dependence. We thus claim our success rate and take pride in it.

Detailed analysis of predispatch Honey to ensure Product Integrity and Content as specified, involves the listed checks and controls:


List of Parameters Tested:

  1. Physico-Chemical Parameters:
    • TRS, Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose, F/G Ratio, HMF, Glycerol, Moisture, Color, Conductivity, pH etc.
  2. Authenticity Parameters:
    • C-3/ C-4 Sugar Contents by EA-IRMS (to check Adulteration with Invert Syrup/ Corn Syrup)
  1. Residual Antibiotics Parameters at ppb/ ppt levels:
  • Chloramphenicol,
  • Tetracyclines (4 Nos.),
  • Sulphopnamides (12 Nos.),
  • Trimethoxyprim,
  • Floroquinolones (14 Nos.),
  • Macrolides (Tylosin),
  • Nitroimidazoles (Metronidazole) etc by:
  1. ELISA (Auto Chemwell)
  2. Biochip Technology (Multi Drugs Residue by Randox)
  3. LC-MS/MS (QQQ)
  1. Contaminants – Heavy Metals by ICP-OES:

        Lead,   Cadmium,   Mercury & Others