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Indian Honey ExportersShakti Apifoods Pvt. Ltd. [Estd. 2005] is an organization formed with the sole aim of promoting the export of Indian Honey to the prestigious import houses all over the world, comprises of a dedicated and experienced team of workers, General and Technically qualified Managers and skilled as well as trained technicians to handle all that is encompassed in the various operations of Inventory, Production, Storage, Quality assurance and Logistics . 

The organization is based on a sound business philosophy of inter-dependence,trustworthiness, loyalty and disciplined conduct of all steps necessary to fulfill the requirements of the importing fraternity.

Shakti Apifoods Pvt. Ltd. is owned by well educated, highly experienced and Photos 1 Shakti Apifoodsbusiness savvy team of Mr Jagdish Goyal, Mr Jai Gopal Goyal and Mr Suresh Goyal, assisted by their sons namely Mr Rajiv Goyal, Mr Harish Goyal and Mr Rajesh Goyal & brothers, all belonging to the same family of an old business veteran remembered as Mr Bharat Lal Goyal.

Each individual has a well defined and clear-cut set of responsibilities to ensure that the organization provides what is assured and committed to the buyer, with laid down and specified set of quality specifications, backed by latest technology and suitable funds in addition to discharging the social responsibilities related to HR assisting the growth and expansion with utmost sincerity and dedicated efforts.

Shakti Apifoods Pvt Ltd

Having begun the operations in 2005 and inaugurating the exports with a net export volume of approx 700 tons of pure Indian honey, it has grown more than three times and achieved the commendable export volume of approx 2600 tons up-till Mar 2009 [within 4 years of commencement]. It is intended to induct larger capacity in procurement, storage, handling, and export with a view to achieve a volume turn-over above 4000 tonnes in the current financial year [2009-10]