Honey Exporters

Packaging Honey
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Honey Exporters

Shakti Apifoods Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2009 and is a Govt. of India recognized Export House for export of Honey to “All Countries including EU”.

Shakti became the largest/second largest exporter of Quality Honey within 3 years since 2012-13.

In recognition of the reckonable efforts of the organization being the largest exporter of International Quality Honey since 2013-14, “APEDA Outstanding Performance Award for contribution in Honey Sector” is bestowed upon to Shakti Apifoods Pvt. Ltd. by APEDA, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, year after year.

Honey Exporters

Bulk Honey

Honey is packed in food grade epoxy coated new MS barrels capacity 290-300 kg. For every consignment, 62 – 67 barrels are stuffed in one 20 feet container.

Different types of pale / bucket packing in food grade plastic containers from 5 – 50 kilograms is enabled by the Packaging team, as per

Bulk Honeyrequirement and dispatched in a suitable container.

Bulk honey export to USA and Europe nearly reaches 12000 MT every year to the entire group of our esteemed Importers. We strive to spread our wings and scope of operation, continuously, with the aim of reaching out to serve our product to everyone that wishes to associate with us.

Honey Exporters

Honey exporters in India

We are one of the leading exporters of honey in India, We export honey in all over the world as per customer’s requirements.

We do provide

  • Private label Honey
  • Packaging Honey
  • Bulk Honey
Our honey has passed all the international standard’s  parameters for the quality and taste that you can trust.

Private Labeling

We do private labeling for you for our all products. 

You simply specify everything about the product – what goes in it, how it’s packaged, what the label looks like, rest we will take care of things to get done.

we do private label

Exporters of Honey in India

For more details and bulk queries please write us

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